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Emerging challenges in pharmacotherapy research on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder—outcome measures beyond symptom control and clinical trials

Régis Lopez1,2,3, Jean-Arthur Micoulaud-Franchi4,5,6Laura Camodeca1Marie Gachet7Isabelle Jaussent2,3Yves Dauvilliers1,2,3

Centre National de Référence Narcolepsie Hypersomnies, Unité des Troubles du Sommeil, Service de Neurologie, Hôpital Gui de Chauliac, Montpellier, France
Inserm U1061, Montpellier, France
Université de Montpellier, France
Unité de Sommeil, Hôpital Pellegrin, Bordeaux, France
Université de Bordeaux, France
CNRS, SANPSY, USR 3413, Bordeaux, France
Department of Emergency Psychiatry and Post Acute Care, Hôpital Lapeyronie, Montpellier, France

Journal of Attention Disorders: SAGE Journals

May 17, 2018


Objective: To assess the relationship between excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), inattention, and hyperactivity/impulsivity in adults with ADHD and central hypersomnia.

Method: Drug-free adult patients with ADHD (n = 100) or hypersomnia (n = 100) were evaluated using a structured clinical interview and self-report questionnaires on ADHD symptoms and EDS.

Results: In all, 61% of patients with hypersomnia had clinically significant ADHD symptoms with 25% having an ADHD diagnosis (with both childhood and adulthood ADHD symptoms) and 36% ADHD-like symptoms, without history of childhood ADHD. EDS was reported in 47% of patients with ADHD, among whom 22% had a hypersomnolence disorder.

Conclusion: We confirmed the high frequency of ADHD and ADHD-like symptoms in central hypersomnia, and of EDS and hypersomnolence in ADHD in adults. The nature of the link between EDS, inattention, and hyperactivity appears to be complex that may involve either a cause–effect relationship or intrinsic features of a similar neurodevelopmental dysfunction.

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